Taint | VR Game

This project marks the culmination of the academic course at NID. Taking place over a period of 6 weeks, this project has provided an opportunity to apply design thinking, processes and principles of Game Design.


Taint 1 is a VR based action game built in Unreal Engine 4. It combines exciting combat, environmental puzzles, and a narrative that tells the story of the Taint community who left the earth after the apocalypse. Taints are genetically modified humans. Glen, the autobots trying to rule the earth using their abandoned robots and technology

Gameplay | User Testing

Game Narrative

You play as Taint Caron, a scrappy and emotional father who runs for his daughter's life. Glen, who seeks to take control of the whole world by using the Bot community,. After coming out his vault taint Caron has to find 'Spark Cell', the life battery for his daughter Catherine. In order to get that taint has to kill the Glen and get LIFE B.

Level Design

Combat Mechanism

Making Of Taint

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