Aravindh Nagarajan

Aravind Maya

Aravindh Maya

Product designer with a focus on crafting the right problem and strategizing effective solutions.

I am deeply passionate about interactive and experiential paradigms within spatial computing. With over six years of experience in the design industry, I hold a first Master's degree in Game Design and a second Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).


AR Research Assistant


Samsung R&D, Walmart, Newslaundry


Researcher, Product designer, Prototyper, XR


6+ Years

I craft distinctive challenges

As a Product Designer, I live by two guiding principles: first, I see myself as a problem framer rather than just a solver, emphasizing the importance of understanding what problems to tackle and how to shape them. 

Second, I’m on a mission to bring everyone to the design party, recognizing the historical injustices faced by minority groups and championing inclusivity and accessibility in every solution I craft. 

My passion lies in designing solutions that transcend barriers, and making a positive impact on individuals of all races, genders, and abilities—this is what fuels my dedication to delivering my best work.

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